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Quick App instruction

1. Main menu: Content, lessons, games, books, etc.

2. Rewards: Dinosaurs and Stars

3. Parents menu: Help, Sign up, Change language, etc.

4A. Favorites

4B. Add or Remove Favorites

5. Audio: Ring/Silent button must be on "Ring".

6. Audio: Volume button should be up

7. Exit: Swipe up to exit the app

App Problems and Troubleshooting

  • There is no sound

1 - There is no sound
Please make sure the ring/silent button is ON and the volume is UP. See the image on top for ring/silent button. If there's no audio on a book, please read the answer below instead.

  • Books have no audio

2 - There is no audio on books
Not all languages have audiobooks, and not all books are audiobooks. Audiobooks are available in 31 language courses and only 100+ books have audio in each language. If you see the audio icon on top left corner, it means that book has an audio, otherwise it's just a regular book. Next to the audio button on top left corner, there is also a "Translate to English" button, and that particular book would have the audio in English.

  • The app quits or crashes

3 - The app quits: When I click on anything
This means, a new version of the app is available on the appstore, and the old version is not working properly. Please delete the app from your device and re-download from the Itunes AppStore. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • A different problem

4 - A different problem
1- Please delete the app from your device 2- Restart your device 3- Re-download the app from the Itunes AppStore. This solves almost all technical glitches. If it doesn't solve it, please contact us at info@dinolingo.com


  • The difference between the App and the Website

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between the App and the Website?

Same content, but couple of different functions.

1- CHILD FRIENDLY: The app is mainly designed for small children, the website is designed for older kids, parents and teachers, etc.
2- FAVORITES: The app has "favorites" section, where you can save up to 12 videos and 10 books to be played offline later when there is no internet.
3- CONTENT: On the website you will have culture articles and printable material such as worksheets and flashcards, app doesn't have those sections.
4- CODES AND REFUNDS: If you subscribe using the website /subscribe , you may or may not use a discount code during signup, we also offer a 7-Day refund policy where you can request a refund within 7-days anytime.
However when you subscribe using Itunes Apple Appstore, they may not have a discount code during sign-up or may have a different refund policy, which we have no control over it.
Both are great, you can use both the website and/or the app to sign up and learn a new language anytime anywhere.

  • Physical Products and the App

Physical Products and the App: Dino Lingo still ships physical products through online store in the U.S. and to Canada and Australia. If you plan to purchase or have already purchased physical sets in the past, we thank you for your patronage. However the app and the physical sets are two different products and sold separately. The app is hosted on a different platform, has more content and more functions. If you like DinoLingo content, we would recommend you to download and subscribe to the new app through our website or Itunes Appstore. If you are a customer, you may contact us for a loyal customer discount here, please attach your old email or your order ID# from DinoLingo.

  • What happened to the old apps?

OLD APPS, Video apps & Story Apps: Dino Lingo has created over 100 language specific mobile apps in recent years. If you have purchased one of those apps in the past, such as "French for kids app" or "Spanish storybooks app" you can still keep them, as long as you have them on your device you can still use them. However, we have discontinued to market or sell those old apps. The New DinoLingo app has more content with a new design. If you like DinoLingo content and the method, we would recommend you to download and subscribe to the new app through our website or Itunes Appstore.