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The science behind the best
language learning program
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50 languages

Children can access to all 50 different language courses with one membership.


Largest online language learning database for kids with 25,000 activities.


One affordable price for the entire family.

4 Children

Add up to 4 profiles for the price of one.


Throughout the course children collect dinosaurs, stars and surprise gifts.


New detailed tracking reports for parents.

Child Safe

Child Safe website, no ads, no external links.


Children can login by using computers, tablets, mobile phones and Smart TVs.


The gamification of learning is an educational approach to motivate students to learn by using video game design and game elements in learning environments. The goal is to maximize enjoyment and engagement through capturing the interest of learners and inspiring them to continue learning. (Source: Wikipedia)

Dino is an interactive language learning program for children. It is as easy as child's play and works like magic. Kids collect dinosaurs, stars, badges, achievements and can print certificates by completing activities and lessons.

Our Method


Full Immersion

Children naturally learn a foreign language from DinoLingo videos because they hear common phrases and vocabulary hundreds of times without any interruption. The total immersion method is used on the program, where there are no translations or confusion for children. Imagination and repetition capture a child’s interest in learning and development.


Contextual Variation

Each of the foreign language learning words used in Dino Lingo programs is presented to the listener in at least 4 different contexts. In addition, unlike other programs, Dino Lingo repeats words intermittently and not just consecutively which triggers the child’s memory development.


High-Pitched Female Voices

Scientific studies show that babies and young children identify best with high-pitched voices, otherwise known as “motherese” or child-directed speech. We have worked with female and child actors with high-pitched vocals for this reason.



Dino Lingo language programs are recorded by native speakers of each language.



At Dino Lingo, we know that most parents want to be able to read the captions in both the local characters of target language as well as the English (Latin) alphabet. We provide this to you as are the facilitator helping your child understand their new language.


Neonate Characters

Dino Lingo uses animated characters that have baby-like faces. There are no monstrous, scary or wild characters in Dino Lingo products since they are age appropriate.


Gradual Interval Recall

Each target word Dino Lingo introduces is timed to be presented at different intervals, triggering memory (e.g. The word ‘car’ is presented in the 5th minute, the 10th minute, and again in the 30th minute).



Research shows that small children have a tendency to believe that all objects are alive (e.g. talking and dancing cars). Dino Lingo features many lively objects that capture the children’s attention and curious imagination.


Sudden Surprises

To capture the little ones attention, Dino Lingo uses some scientific techniques such as sudden appearance and disappearances, sudden pans, zoom-ins and unfamiliar sounds. This keeps a young mind interested and busy as they learn along.


Optimum Combination Of 3D/2D Animation

Recent studies have shown that children prefer to watch animations over real-life footage. Designed to capture your child’s attention, 80% of Dino Lingo videos are presented as either 3D or 2D animations.